Going to GTL

Hey everyone! If you haven’t already figured it out by the title, I am headed to GTL (Georgia Tech Lorraine) to study abroad for the semester. For those of you who don’t already know, GTL is in Metz, France. I fly out of Atlanta on January 8th and will arrive in Frankfurt, Germany on January 9th. From there, I will be picked up by a shuttle that will take me all the way to campus in Metz. I start my first day of classes on January 10th. Then starting on the weekend (January 14th), I will begin by first weekend of travel. I will be headed to Brussels, Belgium! Each weekend after that, I will continue to travel all over Europe. I will be returning back to the United States on May 5th.

Instead of blowing up Facebook with a ton of pictures, I decided to make this photography blog instead. So keep an eye out for my  weekly  blog posts if you want to see all of my adventures (no promises that I will actually post weekly). Bonne voyage!

[The picture featured is the main building of the GTL campus. This is where I will be taking all of my classes]


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